Membership Worth Having!


At HADA Sports Store Club, we believe in rewarding our members for their loyalty and commitment.
As a "HADA Store Club" member, you not only gain access to our top-notch goods,
but also enjoy exciting discounts on all your purchases. We've tailored our discount structure to cater to your diverse needs and preferences:

Our Collections

Membership Perks

  • 10% Discount

    For those who prefer a minimalistic approach, enjoy a 10% discount on all sales when purchasing up to 4 items.

  • 20% Discount

    When you're stocking up for a more comprehensive sports experience with 5 to 10 items, relish a generous 20% discount on your entire purchase.

  • 30% Discount

    Planning a more extensive haul? Members receive a fantastic 30% discount on all sales ranging from 11 to 20 items.

  • 40% Discount

    For the true enthusiasts gearing up for a major sports adventure, relish a substantial 40% discount on all sales exceeding 20 items.

  • Special 50% Discount for Club Buying Officials

    As a token of appreciation for all Football & Sports Club's officials making significant purchases of 20 items or more, a remarkable 50% discount is applied, ensuring that your commitment to our buying club is celebrated with exclusive savings.


How to Become a Member

We value the commitment of our members at HADA Sports Club, and for those interested in joining our exclusive Buying Club, the application process is designed to be a personalized and in-store experience. This approach ensures that every potential Buying Club member receives dedicated attention and assistance, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

To initiate your application, simply visit our store, where our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through the process. By completing the application in person, you have the opportunity to discuss your unique requirements, seek recommendations, and fully understand the privileges and benefits associated with being a Buying Club member. Don't forget to bring in your Govt ID.

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Address: 19 Andrew St, Freetown, Sierra Leone